The Marton-Wanganui Ultramarathon covers approximately 66.4km along the back roads between the towns of Marton and Wanganui. The ultramarathon is run in conjunction with the Marton-Wanganui Relay.

I like this event so much that I have competed in it for ten of the twelve years that it has been running: five times as a runner and five times as a walker.

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Roll of Honour

Individuals who have completed the event multiple times.

Andrew Shelley10
Ashley Smith8
Albie Jane6
Perry Newburn5
Kym Black4
Carl Laffan4
Ronya McConachy3
Vivian Cheng3
Brian Prescott3
Graeme Butcher2
Des Hussey2
Dianne Kowalewski2
Maura Skilton2
Dennis Jordan2
Steve Ackerman2
Updated 15 September 2012