The Marton-Wanganui Ultramarathon covers approximately 66.4km along the back roads between the towns of Marton and Wanganui. The ultramarathon is run in conjunction with the Marton-Wanganui Relay.

I like this event so much that I have competed in it for ten of the twelve years that it has been running: five times as a runner and five times as a walker.

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14 September 2002

The Beginning

This photo shows the start line for the first running of the Marton-Wanganui ultramarathon:

From left to right: Diane Kowaleski, Andrew Shelley, Gill McNaught (2 person team), Margaret Hazelwood, Des Hussey, Steve Bligh, Ashley Smith, Dave Penfold (2 person team), Kym Black. Photo: Andrew Shelley.

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